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Interior Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation works in apartments and houses

Remodelação em área de intervenção de 166M2

Interior Remodeling 

Intervention Area 166 m2

Reabilitação de Duplex em área de intervenção de 140M2

Duplex Rehabilitation

Intervention Area 140 m2

Remodelação  de Apartamento 

Remodeling  of Apartment 

Unification of two autonomous units, carried out between both kitchens in a building in "Boa Hora" in  Lisbon.
Demolitions were carried out carefully so as not to affect the building's gas, water and electricity networks. Carpentry, gas and water pipes. Installation of electricity, ceramic coatings and painting.

Intervention area 160 m2.

Reabilitação em Apartamento T2

Rehabilitation in 2 bedroom apartment

Rehabilitation project in a 2 bedroom apartment located in Queluz.

Remodelação de Apartamento T7+1, cozinha

Remodeling  of Apartment

Intervention Area: 295 m2
structural metal reinforcements,
Central Heating,
water, electricity, gas,
pvc frames,
execution of moldings with

traditional designs,
various carpentry,
stucco, ceramics.

Remodelação de Apartamento T7+1, vista da cozinha
Apartamento T7+1, remodelação de WC
T7+1, WC remodelado
Projeto Castelo - esconço

Castle Project

Controlled demolitions on 3rd floor

General reinforcements in metallic structure.


Air conditioning.

Water, sewage and electricity.

Oak flooring.

Projeto Castelo - WC pormenor
Projeto Castelo Wc
Loft na Boa-Hora - Interior 4

Loft | Good time

250m2 loft in Boa Hora in Lisbon

Oak flooring, herringbone shape.

Water and electricity.

Great precision of finishes.

Loft na Boa-Hora - Interior 1
Loft na Boa-Hora - Interior 3
Alojamento Local em Campolide - interiores

Local accommodation in Campolide

Structural reinforcements.

Water and sewage pipes.

Electricity, air conditioning.

Exterior frames

Wall and floor coverings.

Alojamento Local em Campolide
Projeto em Alcântara, com demolição de laje de cobertura e aproveitamento de sotão

Alcantara Project

Demolition of roof slab and use of attic

Moradia no Algueirão - ouitra vista da sala
Moradia no Algueirão - cozinha
Moradia no Algueirão - sala

House in Algueirão

Housing demolition and reconstruction project in Algueirão, Sintra.

General rehabilitation,

facades, roofs,

special installations.

8 bedroom villa - Cascais

Obras de Reabilitação de Interiores
Rua da Madalena - Renovação
Rua da Madalena - Reabilitação
Remodelação de T2 Queluz
Reabilitação | Lisboa | Boa Hora
Joao Crisostomo Projeto Lisboa
Lisboa Boa Hora Cozinha
Reabilitação de Interiores
Obras de Recuperação em Apartamento
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