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Maintenance of Houses and Apartments

Whiteeasy tips for a welcoming and functional home


Check your chimneys, ventilation pipes and roof, if there are obstructions the air quality of your home and its waterproofing could be compromised.
Period to review your roofs.
Period to carry out that interior/exterior maintenance painting that your home deserves.


Prepare for winter, and save electricity with new solar energy systems, don't leave it until last because equipment suppliers will be full of orders and make supplies more expensive.
Height to install your air conditioning.


Check the rainwater drainage network.
Check the weatherstripping on windows and doors.
Use double-glazed frames and obtain a new quality of life inside your home.


Has it ever happened to you when the heaters are turned on and the electrical panel goes down?
Check your electrical installation, in older homes the electrical cables do not support the power of current equipment. Lower your electricity consumption using new LED lighting technology. Check windows and doors, where there are significant losses of heat energy.

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